Product Score Benchmark

The challenge

A product owner sought UX Evaluation for an underwriting product. The product is the second largest underwriting platform in North America. It’s been in the market for over ten years. They never have a UX designer who worked on the platform. All UI patterns are out of the box. There are a lot of issues with interaction and usability. I had to figure out a way to introduce UX to the team, engage team members to mitigate any resistance, and point out problems in an unbiased approach.

My role

UX Director (working with a Designer)

The outcome

Stakeholder Interviews
We met with stakeholders, business analysts, developers, and training specialists to gather information about end-users, key tasks, and any concerns.

Key takeaways
The team didn't have a clear picture of who the end-user is.

We got stakeholders to agree on the key tasks that the user often performs on the platform.

User Study
With limited resources and time, I decided to implement PURE (Pragmatic Usability Rating by Experts) method for the user study. It is a type of research where you need at least three expert evaluators to score a given task. The total score of all tasks will be the product score. The three evaluators for the study was a senior training specialist from the product team, a UX designer from my team, and me. Having a person from the product team to co-evaluate the experience helps to mitigate any resistance. It is also a great way to get the product team started with UX.

We scored the agreed-upon tasks and gave a total product score.

I included our designer in all the interviews for her to hear direct answers from stakeholders. She provided design solutions by mocking up several hi-fidelity wireframes.

The impact
  • Identify UX Champions, who partnered with us during research, from the product team
  • Quantify the product experience through research
  • Wireframe solutions generate excitement among stakeholders. This allows us to move to the next UX project with the product team.
  • Establish a solid foundation to build a great working relationship with stakeholders.