Brand Creation and Website Design


I joined the team as a Lead Designer. Competitive research, market research, and buyer personas were defined. My mission was to create a brand, a website, and a quoting experience for a life insurance product. The problem statement was to create an easy way for women to buy life insurance.

The challenge

I was a UX team of one. The brand was completely new in the market. Building trust, credibility, and connecting the brand value to the user are some tough challenges for a 24-month experiment. After diving into the market research, personas, and competitive research, I realized that I’m about to design an experience based on market research alone. Persona information focused on demographic information and propensity to buy. The competitive analysis would benefit marketing more than product design. With the lack of information that could support UX, there will be a lot of work awaits.

My role

Lead UX Designer
UX Researcher
Creative Director

The outcome

I had to fulfill the business launch goal. So we did things a little bit backward this time. First, designed the website. I created a design brief, which stated the creative direction for the brand. I designed a logo, web style guide, a light brand guideline, and a website.

Design Brief and Information Architecture


Brand Guideline

Style Guide


Online quoting experience
The experience is a tool for a user to get a quote for life insurance. I applied UX best practices for form design.

User Research
After launching the website, I ran a user study to ensure we are on the right track. The study questions covered first impressions, general understanding of the site's purpose, and content clarity.


Competitive Research
Another way to test the brand experience is to see how it compares to others. I ran a competitive study with one of our competitors. The users perform the same set of tasks on both sites. After each task, they answer a scale rating question for the task. The study focused on the quoting experience’s ease of use, site credibility, and an overall comparison between two sites.

The impact

  • Introduced qualitative user study to team
  • Helped team recognize the difference between market research and UX research
  • Completed the mission of design and launch a new brand in three months