I’m Julia Dinh


I provide an unique value of combining startup's speed & coorporate's structure to help organizations innovate from within or startups to scale to stability. I possess a diverse perspective and keen ability to identify latent opportunities, having lived in four countries.

I lived in three countries (and traveled a handful ones) before calling the U.S. home. This - uniquely - gives me the ability to connect to many people and see latent possibilities.

My trainings are BA Communications with a focus in Advertising Production, MA in Management and Leadership, Web Development, Interaction Design, Design Thinking, UX Strategy, and Usability. I've worked for large corporations and small businesses; resided in User Experience, Technology or Marketing teams; was a Graphic Designer, Front-End Developer, UX Designer/Architect/Researcher/Leader over the past 14 years. I'm currently pursuing a certification from Nielsen Norman Group. I'm a life-long-learner. Gaining new knowledge from working on an interesting project or collaborating with smart people energizes me.

My priority is to define user value, solve by designing technology, therefore drive success for business.


Be vulnerable to empathize, use cognitive thinking tools and methods to solve a problem - together


Define an intended user experience through aligning user needs, business vision, and technical capabilities


Inform design through users studies and business requirements


How user interacts with system, company, and brand at any levels


I'm a designer at heart.

I gravitate toward all sorts of designs in life - from a software interface, interior design to the mechanical design of everyday items. I believe people are happier living in a world where things are more useful and beautiful. We feel uplifted when being in a pleasant environment, using a product that gets the job done, or employing a service that saves our time.

My philosophy in leadership is humility and empowerment. Anna Wintour once said, 'Without your team, you are nothing.' I consider my 'reports' to be my colleagues whom I learn from. I like to be hands-on, put the thinking cap on, and solve problems with my report-colleagues when there is an opportunity.

I love being in the UX field where I can connect human and technology. Looking to solving a good problem and surrounding myself with people who are awesome at their job.

In my free time, I play with my kids, cacoon with my little family, and teach yoga around town.

~ JuliaD


“If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you are doing” ― W. Edwards Deming

UX is as much about the process as it is about the deliverables. It is the process of understanding (users, business, competitors) to solving with builders, analysts, strategists, and visionary. I'm going to walk you through some of my recent work focusing on the process angle.


My (career) story with milestones, highlights, and key moments.

I'm sharing my journey and experiences of learning and getting better at the craft and the skills that come with it. Happy to talk about it in person (virtually). Just reach out!

  • 3 yrs.

    2017 - Current Managing people. Can still be hands-on as needed. Doing a lot more research and strategy in the past 3 years. First introduced to Design Thinking in early 2017 and was enlightened. Love being in UX!

  • 3 yrs.

    2014 - 2017 Obtained formal UX trainings. Fully transitioned into UX. Learned a tons working as a consultant in just a few years. Worked on interesting client projects for Scottrade, Monsanto, Express Scripts, Anheuser Busch, and RGAX.

  • 6 yrs.

    2008 - 2014 Employed at a mid-size corporation. Designed and coded websites. Led creative direction of digital campaigns and produced online advertising collaterals. Worked on some aspects of UX such as Information Architecture and Content Strategy without even knowing it was UX.

  • 3 yrs.

    2005 - 2008 Discovered the web medium toward the end of my Undergrad in 2005. Found myself good at it - stayed up all night designed, coded website and still felt energized. Got a Web Assistant Manager (work study) job and Web Design Manager (Graduate Assistant for a Master degree) position in my University without interviews. Gained practical experiences in Web Design and Development.